Jawai Bandh is famous for its jungle safari

Why Jawai Bandh is famous for its jungle safari?

There are plenty of nature enthusiasts who love to explore the jungle. Lots of places are here in India where tourists can experience the real thrill of wildlife and dense jungle. Jawai Bandh is one of the best and famous places for jungle safari. It is situated in the Pali district of Rajasthan, and has gained fame for its wildlife and thrilling safaris it offers. Jawai Bandh is spread over more than 50 kilometers of area and this region is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna. It makes this a prime destination for wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts. Water bodies and hills create an ideal habitat for a variety of wild animal species. So if you are a true nature lover and planning to explore the Jungle and be a part of a safari then it is one of the best options to feel a thrill and rejuvenate your soul. In this blog, we will shed light on the reasons that made Jawai Bandh, famous for jungle safari.

Reasons that make Jawai Bandh Famous:


It is one of the major reasons to explore Jawai and that makes it famous. Here visitors can witness these wild cats while they are roaming in the jungle in search of food. Jawai is known for its rocky hills and caves that offer a natural habitat for these big cats. It makes one of the best places to spot these leopards in the natural environment with Jawai leopard safari. The thrill does not end here. one of the most interesting things about this beautiful place is that here leopards can human beings live together. There is no such case where hear that these wild cats harm people.

Different types of safari and their experiences:

As we all know Jawai Bandh is known for its safari where you can easily spot wild animals. To get the all-new experience on the Jawai trip you can choose to stay in Jawai Bandh at least for 2 to 3 days. There are plenty of resorts in Jawai that arrange village, leopard, and Jawai jungle safari for their guests to add charm to the trip. Along with this whenever you are on a trip to Jawai you can book a Gypsy to explore the jungle and the wildlife to make your trip memorable.

Bird watching crocodile spotting, and other thriving wildlife:

Jawai has lots of things to offer to rejuvenate your soul and make your trip unforgettable. Here visitors can able to see the numerous bird species that can fill the positivity in you with their chipping sounds and colors. Along with this to fill adventure in your trip guests can explore the crocodile point where this endangered species is easily spottable near the lake.

Place to Stay:

It is one of the major things that makes your trip good or bad. So, there are scores of resorts in Jawai where guests can book their stay and explore Jawai. Choosing the right place to stay is quite tricky so always try to do research about the best resorts in Jawai before initiating your trip. There is Thour Nature Resort in Jawai which is one of the best family resorts in Jawai. Here you will get a chance to know nature closely and rejuvenate your soul.

Why Choose Thour Nature Resort?

You can book your stay at any resort in Jawai but Thour Nature Resorts will offer something extra. Here guests will live in the fully luxury tents that double your excitement. The resort’s management serves the delicious and fresh veggies on your plate. Along with this, they can arrange three types of safari on the guest’s demand and also offer high tea and bush dinner to add some extra adventure and make their guest’s trip memorable.

Final Words:

By going through this post readers will get to know why Jawai Bandh is popular for jungle safari. Rather than that if you are planning to visit Jawai Bandh and seeking the best resort in Jawai, look no further than Thour Nature Resorts. It is one of the pocket-friendly family resorts in Jawai where you can spend marvelous vacations with your loved ones and get to know more about this beautiful tourist place of India.

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