How to donate food to poor?

Donating food to poor in India is a noble endeavor. You can make a meaningful impact by collaborating with NGOs like GoodWorks Trust. Through our “Food for All – Poshan” initiative, you can contribute to alleviating hunger and malnutrition among the less fortunate. Your support will help provide nutritious meals to those in need, ensuring […]

Crispy, Flaky, and Canadian: A Culinary Journey with Parathas

These crispy, flaky delights have seamlessly integrated into the Canadian cuisine, becoming a favorite choice for those seeking a flavorful start to their day. At the forefront of this paratha phenomenon is Taza Products, a brand committed to bringing authentic and high-quality parathas to Canadian tables. Join us on a culinary journey as we explore the crispy, flaky world of parathas in Canada, with a special focus on Taza Products.

Every TB Patient Should Incorporate These Foods Into Their Diet

Tuberculosis is a deadly disease and if not treated carefully, it gets worse over time. A bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the main culprit behind this fatal disease and people with weakened immune systems are more prone to tuberculosis. In fact, tuberculosis is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Adequate rest, medication, and self-isolation […]