Microplastics Penetrate all Systems of the Body, Leading to bBehavioral Changes

Summary New research by University of Rhode Island professor Jamie Ross focuses on the neurobehavioral effects and inflammatory responses of exposure to microplastics, as well as the accumulation of microplastics in tissues, including the brain. Her team found that the infiltration of microplastics in the body was as common as in the environment, leading to […]

Why does my computer say “driver is unavailable in HP Printer” while connecting a device?

 The HP printer driver is unavailable error message occurs when the driver software for the connected device is not updated and is corrupt. Try the following steps to troubleshoot this error: 1) Verify Windows updates. 2) Reinstall the printer drivers. 3) Download drivers from the official HP website. 4) Check connectivity between the printer and […]

Comprehensive Introduction of BLI and SPR

Understanding molecular interactions—especially dynamics—can answer so many questions, it’s no surprise that analysis of molecular interactions is required in many areas of research.                      For example, in order to understand how signaling occurs in an organism, you may need to know how molecules and receptors interact. Or, during drug discovery, you may want to know […]