What are the reasons you will need a credit or a debit card?

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Providing details of your cards is a matter of concern but with fubo tv details are 100%  safe and secure. Yes Fubo.tv/connect demands card details when going for a free trial to provide your subscription access for the coming month when your free trial month ends, and hence the payment of your next month will be due using your card details. As soon as your trial month ends they will provide you with a notification resembling the message”you won’t be charged until the free trial expires on(the date). Just in case if you forgot your information you can visit fubotv account page for more details

  • Look for my profile
  • Then select my account
  • In this way, you can have an idea of your trial period.

How to cancel fubotv subscription ?

As consumers, canceling a particular subscription is our right but if you think the process is going to consume your great time it is not like that. Canceling the subscription is as easy as accessing it. you can cancel your subscription at any given time, without any cancellation fees or charges. Also suspending a subscription for a certain duration can be an option if you need a break.

What devices are compatible with fubotv app?

Fubotv/connect supports many devices, models, tv, computers, online platform, digital gadgets and much more. The list is really long but mentioned below.

  • Fubo tv supports- Amazon Fire tv, google tv, android tv, apple tv, android mobiles with all different available web browsers such as chrome, mozilla, etc.
  • You can also have fubo tv connected with your Chromecast, iPad, iPhone, Hisense, roku and Samsung smart tv
  • The list contains more names such as Xbox one and many more.

However, the requirement for connections of each divide is varied .but not to forget fubo tv allows you to stream only from two devices at a given time. For connecting more devices you need to upgrade the service. You can have a family share model for additional devices costing you $5.99/month. An unlimited stream subscription is also available to have upto 12 devices connected in total.

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