What are the Best Braces to Straighten Teeth?

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Earlier, teeth straightening options were limited. Fortunately, due to the advancements in dentistry, orthodontic treatment is not limited to traditional metal braces. Misaligned and crowded teeth can now be treated with lingual braces to invisible trays. No matter what needs one has, an advanced treatment plan is always available to transform one’s smile. So, now, one must be wondering what options are available to straighten teeth.

Through this post, while taking insights from the dental experts at AK Global Dent we will help individuals understand the different types of braces available to straighten teeth. Towards the end, we will also discuss how much dental braces cost in Gurgaon or nearby areas. Let’s begin by discussing the different types of braces for straightening teeth.

Which All Braces Are Available to Straighten Teeth?

Having straight teeth can improve one’s confidence and overall health, too. Nowadays, braces provide patients with a lot of options and quick results. Let us look at the different treatment options available to straighten teeth:

1. Traditional Braces

If you are worried about metal brackets with traditional braces, do not be. Nowadays, metal braces cost a lot less, look better and are much more comfortable in every way. Metal braces attach to the upper and lower teeth by a wire. Traditional braces also correct several dental health problems, including complicated orthodontic issues and jaw misalignment. But, since they need more care than other options, these braces are effective for patients with good oral hygiene.

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces or clear braces use clear and tooth-coloured material. They are also great for teens and adults who are looking for a discreet way to combat teeth alignment and other issues. Like traditional braces, ceramic braces help correct complex issues and work for moderate teeth straightening. However, clear braces require individuals to pay much attention to flossing and brushing. The clear material might become stained if not taken properly, and gum diseases can appear around the brackets.

3. Invisible Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are invisible braces that are not fixed to the teeth. They include removable trays that provide a discreet option for children and adults. Invisalign treatment is usually worn for 20-22 hours daily and gradually moves teeth in a proper position over time. They also do not restrict while eating or drinking and are considered one of the most effective options for teeth straightening.

Final Takeaway

Have you finally decided to tackle your misaligned or crowded teeth? Then, it is best to consult the dental experts. One can consult the dental specialists at AK Global Dent. They are dedicated to offering compassionate care for every patient and will recommend the most suitable dental braces according to your concerns.

Also, the cost of dental braces at AK Global Dent Clinic are affordable and pocket friendly that depends on various factors. These include the type of the treatment, the severity of the condition, the length of the treatment and many more.

So, if you want to fetch the benefits of ceramic, traditional or Invisible Braces in Gurgaon, pay a visit to AK Global Dent today!

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