The Well Known Facts About WHIZZINATOR

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The Whizzard Kit


Synthetic pee is an amalgamation consisting of urea, water, creatinine, as well as other substances that simulate urine’s temperature and pH balance, and smell. Additionally, it has to appear authentic enough for lab professionals to accept it as authentic.

The Whizzinator is a synthetic urine kit, which includes prothetic straps and a fake urine. The product is designed to be worn when you take a test for drugs, so that when you go to the bathroom, it is possible to take a sample of urine and pass the test. The kit contains a cotton elastic belt that has two wrist straps as well as a waistband. It also includes it also comes with a synthetic urine bag with a fake penis attached onto the belt. There are four heat pads to keep the sample at body temperature, refill syringes and complete instructions. For those who need to understand synthetic urine, they will check out this page.

If you want to use the Whizzinator first secure the belt to your waist and around your legs. It is then time to attach the synthetic urine bag to the belt and tie it. After that, you add an heat pad to the bag. You wait until the temperature strip reads green. Then, you can close your pants and give the fake urine over to the lab attendant. The fake urine has creatine, which makes it very similar to human pee and helps you get through the test.

Unlike real urine, synthetic pee is completely free of chemicals that can produce a false positive on a drug test. It’s made from two components, namely creatinine and urea. They are the same components present in human urine and pre-mixed, so that it is able to be combined with water. It’s also safe to be used in the presence of pet and children. The product comes with a user booklet and a 14 day return policy. If you’re using synthetic urine, the key is to maintain the appropriate temperature. If the urine is too frigid, it may be declared a fake. For this reason, it’s crucial to use the heated pads supplied with the kit. Ideally, the sample should be in the range of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. There are some brands that make synthetic urine even come with an instrument to aid in determining the urine’s temperature. This ensures that your fake urine maintains an acceptable temperature during length of time.

A synthetic urine kit consists of two bottles of fake urine along with a heating pad to keep the temperature warm. It is reuseable and can be stored in the freezer for up 1 year. It is therefore possible to use it to test for drugs when needed. It’s a mixture of chemical components found in human urine. The product is made to look and smell authentically. The same temperature range as human urine. It’s not also contaminated by any biocides. This means it does not cause a false positive for a test. It also comes with a heat activator powder, which is included in the sample in order to get it warm. It can take up to an half hour to reach the right body temperature, but it can remain at this temperature for up to 8 hours. It is ideal for testing in a short time. It’s gender neutral and can be used by males or women. The thermometer is also included for checking the temperature of the sample.

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