The Uniqueness of the Pasapalli Saree
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The Uniqueness of the Pasapalli Saree

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Have you ever seen a gorgeous pasapalli saree? Doesn’t this saree attract your attention right away, making you wonder what makes it so appealing. The hand loom can weave hundreds of different kinds of designs. It’s different when a cloth has this pasapalli handloom on it.

Saree in Pasapalli

The designs and name of the handloom are distinctive and lovely. The term is PASAPALLI, where PASA is for chess-based gambling games (you may recall this game from the Hindu epic, Mahabharata), and PALLI stands for the pattern on the pallu. The Pasapalli sarees get its lovely name from the distinctive check patterns of vivid colours that resemble a chess board.

These sarees with checkerboard prints have been around since the MAHABHARATA and RAMAYANA eras, and despite centuries of Pasapalli, their beauty still looks fresh, fashionable, and polished. Because of this, the lovely pasapalli saree stands apart from the rest of Odisha’s handlooms despite having a lovely name.

Social Motivating

All other types of handlooms often weave designs that draw inspiration from the natural world. Every design has an aspect of nature, including flowers, creatures in the wild, tribal people, chitta flowers, cottages, insects, and water. One of the predominant themes in all Odisha handlooms has been nature. However, Pasapalli is a bit special. Pasapallipata saree breathes social vitality into the fabric of the square compartments. In India’s rural areas, this gambling game is highly well-liked. The pasa game has a particular place in every village. The oldest residents of the town, in particular, have a specific schedule for this game. This well-known game is unique since it is woven into Pasapalli textiles.               

One of the unique methods to honour the long-standing pasakhela heritage is to weave a social life on an Odisha handloom.

Mixing with Other Handlooms is Possible

Any ordinary saree may be transformed into a Pasapalli saree online. You did read it correctly. Many other odisha handlooms have the Pasapalli design, which is likewise distinctive. Pasapalli designs are woven into the borders of various handlooms, like the Khandua and Sambalpuri. One of the most appealing aspects of odisha handloom is the pasapalli borders. Pasapalliaanchal are found in a few handlooms. Along with the diversity of khandua or sambalpuri, these pasapalli designs are rich.

Pasapalli does incredible job in addition to all of the labor-intensive warp and weft work done by other motis. The Pasapalli handloom’s theme has always distinguished itself from all other Odisha handlooms.

Favourite traditional sari for dancing

The Sambalpuri traditional dances are the main occasions when PasapalliPata sarees are worn. The public became familiar with pasapalli handloom thanks to the well-known sambalpuri folk tune Dalkhai. Every school and other event include sambalpuri traditional music accompanied by girls or women wearing pasapalli sarees. Pasapalli sarees are also worn in other Samabalpuri folk ballads like Rangabati and Rasakali Bo in addition to Dalkhai. These pasapalli saree provide the stage a unique atmosphere. The popular folk sarees of Odisha are also known as these Pasapalli sarees online.

Pasapalli sarees are distinctive in that they come in a wide range of colours and tints. It was a prominent member of the Sambalpuri collection.

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