How Distance Can Make New Age Couple’s Hearts Grow Fonder For Each Other

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Many people believe that long-distance relationships are not sustainable but this is not the entire truth. Whether you are in a long-distance or living relationship, if you do not feel for your partner, then you cannot expect that relationship to stay longer. If you do not love each other, no matter what your relationship is destined to shatter into pieces.

It is common knowledge that relationships take time to develop. It requires much more merely time to keep a great connection with your partner. However, there is extremely little or hardly any time left to spend with partners since individuals want more time to devote to focusing on their work and on themselves. But now, weekends in India are more thrilling for a growing number of couples!

Today, more young couples are accepting the notion of only spending meaningful time together on the weekends because they are too busy with their work and household duties to do so during the week. However, for them, the dynamics of the institution are unaffected by this new type of relationship.

Although not wholly new, this way of life can be considered an improved version of a long-distance relationship. Even though they only occasionally get to see one another because they live in separate cities or states, such couples are nevertheless devoted to one another. They continue to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant occasions together. Similar to how more urban couples who work together are changing this dynamic.

This new trend is a great illustration of how this generation defies stereotypes. Additionally, keeping in touch and conversing helps to maintain the strength of the relationship because technology is at their fingertips. Since partners are always just a phone call away, physical presence is no longer regarded as crucial.

Space also gives both couples the flexibility to live their lives as they like, whether that means reading a book, binge-watching Netflix after a long day, or going to a party to unwind. They decide that they don’t need to accompany their spouse to after-work activities that they don’t enjoy and instead choose to spend some time by themselves.

This is complemented by the thrill of reuniting after a long separation. Since couples prefer to spend their limited time together rather than fighting, surprises and romantic gestures become more common, while arguments about messy beds, unmade beds, dirty dishes, etc. become less frequent.

These new-age weekend couples are living proof that distance makes the heart grow fonder. We adore this brand-new, desperately needed transformation in relationships that makes them stronger and endure longer.

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