Do Fake Instagram Followers Disappear?

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It’s likely that you have all seen advertisements with the headlines “As low as $4 for 500 Followers | 100% Real Instagram Followers” or “Buy Instagram Followers | Genuine Followers Fast.” These advertising might seem so alluring if you’re a company that is having trouble gaining online momentum or if you’re someone who wants to fast become an influencer. But resist giving in. There are several reasons to avoid buying Instagram followers.

Avoid clicking on advertisements that claim to purchase you Instagram likes. Furthermore, they won’t bring you much profit over time and can potentially make your account look worse.

In the end, there are three key factors that might influence your decision to manage an Instagram account:

  1. If this is you, there is no need to purchase followers only to increase the size of your network. Instead, connect with friends and/or family to share what you are doing and learn about what is going on in their life. Since you don’t know them, there is no need for you to interact with them. They will undoubtedly not be interested in the posts you share.
  2. You are a company or brand looking to advertise something; therefore, you most definitely won’t try to sell it to a false follower.
  3. You are an influencer, but you cannot persuade a phony follower; doing so would just make you appear to be a fake as well.

Anyone who purchases false followers is illogical. Anyone can recognize a bogus follower. What results may you expect from the exercise? There are several obvious reasons why purchasing false likes and/or followers for your Instagram account might be detrimental to it.


1. Inauthentic Instagram followers Avoid interacting with your account

Never, ever assume that your Instagram followers will interact with you after they follow you. These are occasionally simply fake bot accounts, not real people. The best type of engagement you can obtain from these accounts is a computer-generated “nice post” comment.

Anyone who thinks themselves to be influential must understand this. Any company that decides to collaborate with influencers will investigate the legitimacy of the “influencer” before choosing to do so. It goes without saying that if you want to be seen as an influencer, you must affect the actions of your followers. If your followers don’t engage with you, you can’t influence them in any way.

Similar to this, if you manage an account for a brand, you won’t need followers who never interact with your postings. Even if people don’t like or share your content, you at least want them to be seen by your followers. Followers you purchased won’t ever see anything you publish.

Blank accounts without a profile picture, the sharing of few or no photographs, and a general lack of intellectual activity are some of the common indicators of a phony follower. Numerous of these fake identities will also follow a far larger number of users than they do followers.

Of course, things are not always so easy. The owners of the bogus accounts frequently rely on the reciprocity principle. The majority of individuals will instinctively follow someone back if they do. The false accounts usually follow thousands of accounts, receive almost as many follows in return, and then unfollow individuals a few days later (who are unaware that they have been unfollowed). This makes their ratios more manageable so they may repeat the procedure with new groups of unaware Instagram users.

2. You risk seeing offensive automated comments on your posts.

You may occasionally receive comments from phony followers, but they will always be in a tongue other than your own. Unless you utilize a tool like Google Translate, you won’t know what they are saying. You could discover that some remarks are actually advertisements for sex products or extreme political movements.

Making generic comments on postings is a typical approach used by bot accounts. You might not always be able to tell if a statement is sincere. You could notice that these generic remarks on occasion are completely improper for a particular topic, which is an issue. The “nice post” or “good one” comment from a bogus follower doesn’t exactly appear good to the other users browsing your account.

3. Bought Followers Also Bring Spam

Many of the followers you bought are absolutely phony, while some of them are just cloaks for spam. Purchasing these phony followers exposes your account to a deluge of spam postings. It’s possible that this extends beyond your Instagram account. When you purchased the accounts, if you included your email address (or even just had it shown on your Instagram profile), you gave these individuals another way to propagate their spam.

Your followers can now get your spam since these spammers have access to them. Some of your followers may follow them (just because they notice you have), and when they learn about the caliber of these accounts, your real followers may unfollow you.

4. Instagram Identifies Fake Followers and Removes Them

Instagram wants its users to enjoy their experience on the platform. Therefore, detecting and eliminating fake accounts requires considerable work. Instagram searches for fraudulent accounts on a daily basis. They are highly skilled at identifying phony accounts and are aware of all the warning indications. Even if you may not have thought you paid much for your followers, it would still be excessive if they vanished shortly after you bought them.

5. It is against Instagram’s Terms of Service to purchase fake followers.

Instagram strongly advises against purchasing followers ( In addition to getting rid of the bogus followers, they also reserve the right to suspend any accounts that engage in this behaviour. If you are suspended for participating in shady methods, it will undoubtedly be bad for the trustworthiness of your account. Instagram may alert you the first time they believe you are engaging in dishonest behaviour, but they won’t do so again.

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