100+ Sweet Flower Names (For Girls & Boys)

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100+ Sweet Flower Names

Many people believe that most flowers are for women There are a large variety of male-oriented options for flowers, too.

Flowers can signal to your child or anyone else who is exposed to their name how important your baby is to you.

50 Names of Flowers for Girls

Here are 50 of the most adorable names for a flowering baby girl.

1. Amber

Amber is English by origin and refers to a golden hue and amber gem.

Flower Carpet amber roses are stunning delicate pink and peachy-coloured flowers. It’s an elegant choice for a flower that girls love to name, as people will need to recognize the particular variety to identify both.

2. Ambrosia

In Greek ambrosia is a word that means immortality. It is derived from the Greek wordambrotos.

Although it’s technically a member of the ragweed family ambrosia is a small, green flower. It’s considered to be an allergen like the way that dandelions are. It’s an attractive name.

3. Azalea

Azalea is a Greek baby name which means dry.

This feminine girl’s name has been popular in the past several years throughout the U.S. It was ranked 891 as of 2012. Since 2014 it’s been hovering around the 500s.

4. Belladonna

An Italian name, Belladonna means beautiful lady.

This flower is poisonous and can cause death if eaten. Roman women were known to create eye drops using belladonna diluted. This concoction dilates their pupils so that they appeared more sexual. Today, belladonna is still employed in formulas for eye drops which are designed to dilate the eyes.

5. Blossom

This Anglo-Saxon name comes directly from the word “blostma which refers to a flower from a plant.

Blossom is a name that has been used for a long time. Blossom is well-known for its extremely popular 1990s TV show. The show starred the actress Mayim Bialik as the lead character of the teen Blossom Russo as well as Joey Lawrence as Joey Russo.

100+ Sweet Flower Names

6. Calla

Another flower’s name translates to beautiful. Calla has Greek in its origin.

While it was a more well-known name by the end of the 19th century. It conjures an image of a beautiful, classic and elegant woman.

7. Cecelia

The name derives from the Latin word caecus which means blind.

Cecelia isn’t a popular option for a flower’s name however there are many varieties of heather flowers known as Cecelia M. Beale. Cecelia is the name of the flower. Cecelia was the source of inspiration for a gorgeous song written and composed by Simon and Garfunkel that is appropriately named Cecelia.

8. Celosia

The Greek title originates from the word kelos meaning burning or burning.

Celosias come in three varieties comprising wheat, cockscomb the plume, and wheat celosia. While it’s not an established name, it has been able to catch attention across the U.S., it has an elegant, poetic sound to it.

9. Chrysanthemum

The term’s history dates back at the very least until the fifteenth century. It is derived from the Greek word khysanthemon and the Latin word chrysanthemum. it was used to refer to the flower.

Based on the type of culture or era you’re drawn to, chrysanthemums are a symbol of various things like long-lasting, sorrow as well as joy, passion optimism, and friendship. If you choose to go with this name, you always consider using your child’s name Chryssie as an alternative nickname.

10. Clover

This name, which is not common, means key and originates from an English source.

With over 300 kinds of clover species, your child could not know all of them. However, she might appreciate having the unique name of this flower instead of the common name that many girls have.

11. Coral

The Latin term meaning coral comes from the wordcorallium.

Coral may be associated with flowers due to the colour of the petals on certain kinds or due to the flowers referred to as coral bells or coral vines. The name was briefly featured in an appearance on the list of Social Security Administration’s lists of baby girl names that are popular in 1991 when it was ranked 983 and in 1992 when it was 984.

12. Dahlia

This Scandinavian word translates to Dahl’s flower, which is the botanist who it was named or the dweller of the valley, depending on the source you trust.

The most well-known instance of this name may be Black Dahlia — the name used to describe a victim of murder known as Elizabeth Short, who was discovered to be dead on the streets of Los Angeles. The well-publicized murder wasn’t solved and was the subject of numerous films, novels and news articles.

13. Daisy

Daisy is an English girl’s name that translates to “day’s eye.

This lovely flower name is likely to be awarded a prize in recognition of its long-term viability. This name is on the Top 1000 baby names every year since the year 1900. Everybody starting from Daisy Duck to Daisy Duke has been a big hit with this name and now that the popular singer Katy Perry has named her daughter Daisy the trend is likely to last.

14. Flora

Flora is Latin in its origins and is a reference to flowers.

If you’re searching for names that refer to flowers, Flora is an excellent option. It is believed that in Roman mythology Flora is known as the Roman goddess of flowering and spring. If you’re looking for inspiration for a name that is natural, it’s a feminine and unique name.

15. Florentina

Blooming is the meaning of this Latin girl’s name.

The flower is known as Florentina iris and has white petals. It’s a beautiful flower, that could make an excellent name for a feminine type of girl.

16. Freesia

Freesia is a Latin-based term which means Freese’s flower.

The flower’s name was inspired by the botanist Friedrich H.T. Freese. The most popular wedding flower, Freesia is said to represent purity and trust.

17. Ginger

This English flower’s name translates to liveliness or pep.

The tropical tree that blossoms, Ginger is best known for its popularity as a desired spice. Ginger has been utilized since the beginning of time because of its taste, as well as its healing properties.

18. Harmony

The meaning behind the Latin word is “concord”, or unity.

Harmony is one of the varieties of dwarf Iris. It is only five inches tall, but it’s a stunning deep blueish-purple shade that is extremely popular.

19. Hazel

The Old English name stands for the hazel tree.

Over the last two decades, Hazel is now a popular name for girls within the U.S. It has been steadily rising since the year 2000 when it was just number 893 on the list of the most popular names. It was listed as number 33.

20. Heather

The name is English in the origin and translates to flower.

The name of this flower was popular during the 1970s and 1960s and 1980s, with actors like Heather Locklear and Heather Thomas becoming famous. The popularity of the name has decreased over the last 20 years. The last year it appeared on the list of Social Security’s administration of 1000 popular names was 2016, when it was listed as number 979.

100+ Sweet Flower Names

21. Holly

Holly is an Old English name, that stands for the holly trees.

It’s the flower of birth for people birthed in December. This is logical because people are accustomed to a connection between Christmas and holly. Holly is most likely best known for its vibrant, red berries. However, it also has tiny flowers.

22. Hyacinth

Hyacinth originates from the Greek term, Hyacinthe, and it is a blue larkspur or purple.

In Greek mythology, the flower hyacinth was designed by the god Apollo to honour his beloved lover who passed away named Hyacinth. Although it is not a very popular name within the U.S., it is one of the more unique floral names that girls can use for their flowers.

23. Ione

In Greek, the name Ione refers to a purple or violet flower. However, Ione’s Gaelic and Celtic significance comes from the king’s island.

Ione is a species of orchid, which is one of the sea nymphs of Greek mythology or a city located situated in California or Oregon. It was the name first used for Ione Skye, a famous actress who was in the film the 80s, Say Anything.

24. Iris

From Greek of Greek origins, the word Iris refers to a rainbow.

Iris is an iconic name that DC Comics fans are already familiar with. Iris West, The Flash’s wife, is a well-known character on The CW’s The Flash television show.

25. Ivy

This English baby name translates to faithfulness.

Ivy is a flower that is well-known due to its capacity to climb over structures. It is found growing along the edges of houses and trees thanks to hairs with unique characteristics that assist stick to the surfaces it climbs. It’s been a well-known name for many years across the U.S., with reading number 68 in the year 2019.

26. Ixia

Its South African name originates from the flowers, though certain sources suggest it refers to pine thistle.

Ixia is a distinctive flower name that is modern strong, tough and stylish. Ixia was once an entity that was able to have the NASDAQ share ticker symbol, XXIA.

27. Jacinta

Affirming its Spanish Origin, Jacinta means hyacinth.

Jacinta is a popular girl name across several countries but has yet to gain popularity within the U.S. It’s an appropriate name for those looking to pay homage to their Spanish heritage.

28. Jasmine

Jasmine originates from Yasmin the Persian word that refers to a gift from God.

A name that is associated with femininity and sensuality. the most well-known Jasmine has a non-fictional character. Princess Jasmine in the story of Aladdin is the name that many can connect the name to today. It’s not too bad to name your child after an iconic Disney princess.

29. Jewel

Originating from Old French, Jewel means pleasure or the word “plaything.

The red jewel-coloured flowering crab is adorned with white flowers as well as red fruits. Its name Jewel continues to be among the top 1000 most popular names every year. Jewel Kilcher is perhaps the most well-known Jewel around the globe, an accomplished actress and singer.

30. Julia

Julia which means youthful or downy is a name that has its roots in Latin.

In honour of Julia Child, an American icon named in honour of the American icon, the Julia Child rose is a butter gold hue. The child picked the rose that would be given to her in her name. The name Julia does not seem to fade in its popularity, and there is an array of famous Julias from the U.S., such as Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles along with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

31. Kahili

This Hawaiian name that is pronounced”Kah-HEE-lee” means feather.

Kahili ginger is an exotic flower with yellow flowers and a long stamen of reddish-orange. Kahili is a gorgeous name for people who have Hawaiian relatives or those who are looking for a unique name.

32. Kalina

This Slavic name means flower.

If you don’t wish to restrict your daughter’s choices to names that refer to the same flower in different ways You can choose to choose an alternative name that can mean one or more of them.

33. Katy

Irish, Katy, which comes taken from Caitlin, which is the Gaelic word, Caitlin, means pure. It also is a synonym for pure in Greek which is derived from the Greek word katharos.

The flower, called flaming Katy is a succulent plant that blooms during winter and spring. The name of the flower makes it an ideal choice for a woman who is likely to be a fiery person.

34. Latica

Latica is a word that means flower Petal in Croatian and Albanian languages.

Latica is a very rare first name for a newborn however there are instances where it has been utilized. It has a wonderful sound, and it could be a perfect name for some innovative parents who are fond of flowers.

35. Laurel

From Latin, Laurel means laurel tree.

The Laurel flower comes in a variety of varieties, including the stunning mountain laurel. For nearly every year over the many years this name Laurel has been ranked in the top ten names, though it is not the most popular. A name that is not widely used It probably increased in popularity due to characters like Laurel Lance on CW’s Green Arrow.

100+ Sweet Flower Names

36. Lavender

The name is derived from the flower. However, it is believed that the flower may be named after its Latin word “livere,” which is a reference to blueish also it’s French word lavandre which means wash.

Lavender is a plant believed to aid with stress, insomnia depression, insomnia, and many more.

37. Leilani

From Hawaiian Origin, the word Leilani refers to the royal children of Heaven or the heavenly lei.

Many folks are acquainted with lei, also known as flowers, which are very popular in Hawaii. Leis are presented as a sign of love and, with a heavenly lei, which is the definition of Leilani It’s an excellent option for someone of Hawaiian roots.

38. Lilac

Its Persian term is derived from the word”nylac,” which refers to lilac or blueish.

Lilacs were introduced in North America in the 1750s by European colonists. They don’t bloom lengthy — around three weeks — however, they’re adored due to their delicious scent.

39. Lily

The name, as one would expect, is the word “lily” and comes from the Latin word lilium.

A well-known name for many years It ranked 34 on the list of popular names in the year 2019. There are many famous women with the name Lily including the actress Lily Collins, singer Lily Allen as well as actress Lily Tomlin.

40. Magnolia

From French origin, The meaning behind Magnolia is a flower’s name.

Also known as a Southern belle-type title, Magnolia has enjoyed some popularity in recent times. It first appeared on the list of most popular names in 2013, and first appeared at 973. This may have been because of a character from the TV show Hart of Dixie being named Magnolia. Its popularity has increased since then, and in the year 2019, it was the number 240.

41. Meadow

Meadow has an English name that translates to the grassland area.

Why choose a name that refers to one flower when you could have an entire field by naming them Meadow? Although this name hasn’t been a huge hit it is now gaining traction. It was ranked 518 in the Social Security list of 1,000 famous names in the year 2018 to 497 in the year 2019.

42. Nanala

The Hawaiian term, Nanala translates to sunflower.

If you like spending some time in the sun or having a gorgeous landscape with sunflowers Nanala is a beautiful name for your daughter. It’s a feminine girl’s flower name that is appropriate for people who appreciate Hawaiian culture.

43. Olearia

The word “daisy” doesn’t have any meaning other than the daisy-like blooms that can be located throughout Australia in both New Zealand.

According to certain sources, there are some people born every year who have the name Olearia. If you are averse to name-drops This is a fantastic alternative with a mystical quality to it.

44. Poppy

This Latin name is derived stemming from the red flower.

Poppy is a hugely sought-after alternative name for girls within the United Kingdom. Californian poppies are considered natural sedatives and are believed by some to aid in overcoming anxiety and depression.

45. Posey

This English name refers to a bouquet. It is derived directly from the Greek name Desposyni.

Although Posey is a more well-known name in England however, it is not yet gotten a foothold across the U.S. It’s the name of numerous towns and communities in the U.S., including in Illinois, Texas, West Virginia and Indiana.

46. Rose

“Rose” is a Late Latin name, which originates from the word rosa meaning rose.

If Rose seems a little bland for you, then you could make use of an alternative spelling of the name, like Rosalie, Rosaria, Rosalina or Rosina. Even though it’s been popular for many years, Rose remains a popular name, ranking number 115 on the 2019 list.

47. Veronica

Originating out of Latin and Greek The word Veronica refers to the person who brings victory.

For a long time, the name has been a staple on the popular baby names list. Famous fictional characters are Veronica, such as the sleuth Veronica Mars as well as Archie’s lover, Veronica Lodge.

48. Violet

Simply translated, it means purple. The word Violet originates from the Latin meaning “purple”.

Violet as a girl’s name started to climb the charts soon after the actress Jennifer Garner and then-husband Ben Affleck named their child Violet at the age of 5 in. In 2005, the name was just 369th in the top 100 list of the most famous names, but by 2019 it was the 36th most popular name.

49. Wisteria

The name Wister’s flower refers to the flower which is named after John Caspar Wister the American professional in the field of horticulture.

The stunning flower which is stunning medium to light violet is commonly regarded as a symbol of devotion. It’s an ideal name for the child you’ll live the remaining years of your life to.

50. Zinnia

Zinnia is the Latin name, is a flower or stems from a flower.

Zinnia is a unique name and isn’t widely used. This makes it the perfect option for parents who are looking for an unusual flower name that can help to make their child popular with others.

50 flower names for boys.

While some might think of names for flowers as more of a feminine thing There are plenty of male options for flower lovers out there.

51. Arbor

The word Arbor is a Latin Baby name Arbor translates to sells herbs.

A unique name for boys An arbor is an extremely popular feature of a garden, as it is an area for flowers to grow. If you’re not looking to pick the feminine flower name This is a masculine instrument used to show off flowers.

52. Aster

Aster is a word that is a reference to a star The word “aster” can be English and Greek as a source, based on the source you trust.

The name, an annual like a daisy is a fantastic unisex selection. Aster is a flower that blooms from late summer through autumn, making it an excellent choice for a baby who was born in the fall around this time.

53. Austin

The Latin term refers to majesty or majestic.

Its connection to flowers is subtle. David Austin is a famed English rose breeder who has developed more than 200 varieties of roses. If you’d like your kid to become a creative or visionary kind of person, Austin could be a great name for your child.

54. Azami

This Japanese name translates to thistle flower.

While it is typically used as a girl’s name, Azami has a masculine-sounding aspect that could make it a suitable boy’s name. It’s similar to the Islamic Azmi, a name for boys meaning committed or determined.

55. Blaze

Blaze originates from Latin and refers to a lisp or stutter.

The Blaze roses are among the most adored climbers of red. Even though the name hasn’t been particularly well-known, however, it has managed to appear on the top 1000 names every year since the year 2000. The year 2019 was the first time it was 910 on the list.

56. Bourbon

Bourbon originates from a French surname, which is the House of Bourbon which was a dynasty of the royal family with an origin in France.

What is the relationship between bourbon and flowers? It is believed that the Bourbon rose was invented by the French who wanted an amalgamation of strength and beauty. It is hard to imagine that a unique name, which may be an original middle or first name. is the name of a flower.

57. Briar

It is an English boy’s name is a reference to a thorned tree.

A name with a more recent history that’s increasing in recognition, Briar made it onto the list of top names with a rank of 878 in 2017. Since then, it’s been increasing in popularity ever since. While it’s more popular as a boy’s name, Briar Rose is Sleeping Beauty’s official name.

58. Bryony

Bryony is a plant with a Greek source and refers to a climbing plant.

Most often a girl’s name, Bryony might make an excellent boy’s name when the dad’s surname is Brian. This way it could be a tribute, but not the same and creating confusion.

100+ Sweet Flower Names

59. Calix

The name Calix comes directly from Greece, Calix means extremely beautiful.

The name hasn’t yet gained traction within the U.S. but is masculine and strong. style to it. It’s an excellent alternative to the commonly popular Felix.

60. Chicory

Some sources say it’s an English name meaning flower.

This perennial is part of the dandelion flower group however it doesn’t possess that bright, yellow look like dandelions. It usually is a bright blue flower, which is often used as salad leaves. One of the best nicknames for Chicory could be the name, Cory.

61. Coho

The Native American name is a species of small salmon.

Coho also is an adored pink Japanese Iris. It could be an unusual boy’s name to those who are looking for something different.

62. Cosmos

The Greek name Cosmo is a reference to order or beauty. If you add the “s” to get Cosmos it could mean the universe or the entire world.

Cosmos flowers are gorgeous and drought-resistant. They could be a great middle or first title for the son of an Astronomer, or anyone obsessed with space.

63. David

Originating from the Hebrew word dod, David is a synonym for beloved or uncle.

It is the David garden phlox was named for David, the name of person who was the wife of the creator of the plant. David has been among the most well-known name throughout the U.S. for decades, currently ranked 27th in the year 2019.

64. Dietes

The name derives from two Greek words: di, which is a reference to two and also etes which means associate.

Dietes robinsoniana is an amazing flower that can be seen on Lord Howe Island near Australia. These flowers are considered by many to represent luck and are an excellent start to the life of your child.

65. Filbert

From the Old German of German origin, Filbert means very brilliant.

Hazelnuts can also be referred to by the name filberts within the U.S. Hazelnuts are a plant that produces vibrant yellow flowers.

66. Fiorello

Fiorello can be described as an Italian name meaning tiny flower.

A well-known restaurant in New York City, Cafe Fiorello is only one of the uses of the name. Fiorella La Guardia served as the city’s mayor from 1933 to 1945. New York City from 1933 until 1945.

67. Florian

Florian is the Latin name which means flower. It comes from Florianus the old Roman name.

If you decide to name your son Florian, he’ll have a good time with his peers. Florian is the patron saint of Poland as well as Upper Austria.

68. Galanthus

Galanthus is an antiquated Greek name meaning milk-white flowers.

A lot of girls use it, but it also has a masculine edge. It is believed that in Greek mythology Galanthis (note the spelling is different was transformed into a weasel by Hera because she interfered with her plans.

100+ Sweet Flower Names

69. Garance

Garance is a French word which means the flower that is madder or the root which creates the red dye.

A unique name, Garance does carry the possibility of using Gary as the sake of nickname. Garance can be used as a boy’s name, however, it is typically a girl’s name.

70. George

George is an old name that translates to the farmer.

The name has an extensive, rich background. It was named after St. George in medieval legend, who was Saint George as the patron saint of England. King George was the word used to describe the name of an iconic aster that is characterized by its blue-violet petals.

71. Gordon

It is a Scottish name that refers to a great hill.

Gordon is a type of dwarf Iris. It’s also a very popular boy name, with a variety of famous examples, such as chefs Gordon Ramsay, singer Gordon Lightfoot and the singer Sting whose birth name was Gordon Sumner.

72. Graham

Graham is the term Graham can be believed to be derived from Old English and means gravel homestead or a grey house.

The Graham Thomas rose was introduced in 1983. The yellow rose was named in honour of the horticulturist Graham Thomas.

73. Hamilton

Hamilton refers to an Old English name that comes from Hamel which means the word “crooked” and dun, meaning hill.

If you are looking for a more informal way to name your son in honour of the rose, there’s one called Lady Emma Hamilton. The rose is known for its citrusy scent and beautiful hue of tangerine.

74. Hardy

The English, as well as a French name, translates to foolhardy or brave man.

If you’re looking to honour your love for gardening and gardening without the exact name of the flower, Hardy might be a suitable choice. It’s a nod to the zones of hardiness that every gardener is aware of or should be aware of before planting flowers, vegetables and shrubs, or any other plant.

75. Hawthorn

Hawthorn (or Hawthorne can be an English boy’s name which means “lives in the areas where the hawthorn hedges flourish.

All the parts of the hawthorn plant, which includes its flowers, leaves, and berries, are used in the production of food products teas, medicines, and nutritional supplements. Hawthorn is considered to be particularly beneficial for the heart.

76. Heath

Heath refers to an Old English name that means one who lives on the heath or moor.

Heath refers to the male form of the girl’s nickname Heather. Both flowers originate to us from the Ericaceae family. Heath Ledger was a young Australian actor who tragically passed away in 2008, at a young age.

77. Holland

Holland It is an Old English name that stems from the word hoh, which means ridge, and land.

A fantastic unisex name. Holland has a few connections to flowers. There are tiny de Hollande roses and Holland, which is a region in the Netherlands is the origin of most of the flower bulbs sold in the world. Nearly 77 per cent of bulbs used in the flower market are produced in the Netherlands every year.

78. Indigo

This English name translates to blueish-purple which is also known as deep blue.

This popular name is utilized as a baby name by famous people including the actor Lou Diamond Phillips and actor Rider Strong. While many of the flowers are indigo-coloured but others bear the name like the one called blue wild indigo.

79. Isaac

The Hebrew name signifies that he laughs.

The name is connected to the world of flowers due to the type of rose called”Madame Isaac Pereire. There have been many Isaacs famous throughout history, such as Isaac Newton, Isaac Asimov and Isaac Asimov. The name is still very popular, ranking 34 in both 2018 and 2019.

100+ Sweet Flower Names

80. James

This Biblical name originates from Latin Jacomus meaning may God be with us.

James Backhouse James Backhouse’s perennial flower is purple. Its name James was in use for a long time and is a name that is still popular in 2019. James was ranked 6th in the year 2019.

81. Johnny

This English baby’s name means Jehovah (or) God has been generous.

Johnny is a flower name due to the variety of Johnny”Jumps” Up flowers. These yellow and purple flowers are delicate and make a great contrast against the rough and ready names of Johnny.

82. Kamal

Kamal can be the Arabic name that translates to perfection.

The Brahma kamal flower, as well as its leaves, are used to treat everything from bone pains to urinary tract problems.

83. Liko

It is a Hawaiian name and is a reference to the leaf buds.

If you’re part of the Hawaiian tradition within families, it may be an ideal choice to give your child. You could always choose an initial name like Lee.

84. Lono

This Hawaiian name means “new information.

While not directly connected with flowers Lono is the God of rainfall and agriculture as part of Hawaiian mythology. To have a beautiful flower garden, you require ample rain.

85. Manuka

A few sources claim that the word Manuka is derived from America and its meaning could be a little brown bear or tree.

Manukas thrive best in bright sun and can withstand dry spells. If you think your son is an ardent child, this flower with a tough name could be a good fit for the boy.

86. Oleander

The Greek term refers to evergreen trees.

If Oliver is too common and you’re looking for something similar, but different, Oleander is a great alternative. Oleander is a flowering shrub that grows quickly and may result in many names, such as Ollie, Lee, or Ander.

87. Orient

Orient is an abbreviation of oriens, the Latin term, oriens that means eastern.

Oriental flowers are beautiful and usually exotic. If you’re looking to pay homage to that what about your name Orient? It’s unique and exciting.

88. Perry

Many believe the name Perry originates from Latin which means traveller, and others claim that it’s an English name that refers to people who live near the tree of pears.

The Siberian Iris is commonly often referred to as Perry’s Blue Iris. It’s a perennial plant with vibrant blue flowers.

89. Porter

“Porter” was the name given to it. Porter came from an Old French name that denoted the job of a gatekeeper or doorkeeper.

Eileen Porter is a type of heather flower. Porter as a name has not been particularly sought-after, making it an ideal option for parents looking for something distinctive but not in an odd way.

90. Potter

It is possible to trace the origin of Potter back to English, German, and Dutch roots It is the producer of storage and drinking vessels.

Beatrix Potter is a rose bush with pale pink flowers. A unique First name Potter has become commonplace as an ending name.

91. Rambler

While the source of this name isn’t known it could refer to someone who talks during conversations, a person who wanders through the countryside, or even a climber.

The roses of the Rambler can grow to 60 feet and are one of the climbers with the fastest growth. If you’re blessed with tall people in the family, and you’re expecting to have a tall child, maybe Rambler could be a good choice for a name.

92. Ren

A Japanese term, Ren can mean love or lotus which is a big water lily.

In the story of Greek mythology, the lotus fruit creates a state of forgetfulness. If you suspect that your son is a daydreamer, Ren might be a good name.

93. Rhodes

A very common last name found in certain regions around the globe, Rhodes comes from Old English and refers to clearings in the woods. In Greece, the word “Rhodes” refers to where roses flourish.

A Rhodes Scholarship is a highly distinguished award that is awarded to selected students invited to attend Oxford University. The University of Oxford in England.

94. Sage

Latin of Latin origin the word “sage” means the herb of healing or wisdom.

Families who are committed to learning and knowledge could be awed by the gender-neutral name Sage. Sage is a popular herb, however, some varieties feature bluish-purple flowers.

95. Shade

This American name refers to shadows or outside of the sun.

Shade is a unique name for a man that is abbreviated as nightshade. Some plants and flowers can be poisonous, and some like tomatoes are edible.

96. Thistle

In Middle English, this name was a topographic title given to those who lived close to thistles.

The Thistles are Scotland’s symbol of nationality which is why this name could be a strange name for a child with Scottish roots.

97. Thorn

It is an English name and the Danish term that refers to someone who lives close to a thorn bush or hedge.

Thorn is a rough masculine, cool name for boys. It could be used to refer to Thornton. It is hoped that your child isn’t in too much trouble, and ends up becoming an adversary.

98. Torch

Torch is derived directly from the Old French word torche, meaning twisted thing.

Spring Torch heather gives you an array of colours throughout the garden all through the year. For a term, Torch can match some of the tough guys’ names, which are experiencing an upswing, such as Blaze or Blade.

99. Valerian

The Slavic name refers to strength, but it also is the name of a flowering herb.

Game of Thrones fans wanting to come up with a name for their child associated with their favourite TV show may want to think about changing its spelling to Valyrian. Valyrian steel was extensively used in the show as a superior metal for the production of weapons.

100. William

William is the name. William, meaning resolute protector and a determined or sturdy helmet has German, English, and French origins.

William is a name that has gained a lot of attention in both its flowering plant called Sweet William which is adored in gardens with ornamental plants and also as a popular first name. The name is widely used for many centuries, and William still placed at #4 on the social security administration’s list of most popular names for 2019.

A Rose by any Other Name

The names of flowers have gained popularity as names for babies since to you your child is just as precious and beautiful as a blossom.

No matter if you select the name of your flower with an uplifting vibe or one that has some edge, your child will probably one day be happy to hear about the effort that you put into choosing the name.


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